As an Iranian American who has endured the murder or execution of five members of her family by the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is impossible not to recognize the footprints of the clerical regime in the sources of information used by NBC in its report regarding Iran. The so-called experts on Iran that the agency mainly references are well known and well-established advocates of the Ayatollahs’ regime, if not direct agents.

The sincerity and accuracy of the reports and articles used by NBC can be unequivocally questioned from such sources as Hooman Majd, a voice for the Iranian regime (whether he is registered with FARA or not). Majd becomes an NBC contributor and tries to exculpate the ruling regime of its terrorist plot on the NCRI’s annual convention on June 30, 2018. This is a recognized scenario orchestrated by Javad Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Minister, and his spokesman. Majd and Benjamin try to cast ambiguity and doubt about the perpetrators, despite the glaring fact that a top Iranian diplomat is in a Belgian jail for his direct role!

Not too long ago, a renowned reporter of one of the most prestigious magazines in Europe, Der Spiegel, was caught red-handed publishing fake news on the US border situation. The same reporter had previously fabricated false news on the Iranian Resistance and MEK members in order to demonize them. This is exactly what Danial Benjamin is doing to obscure the facts on the MEK’s past by falsely accusing them of having the blood of Americans on their hands.

After 40 years of lies and deception, I thought the Islamic Republic’s penchant for nuclear weapons, missiles, meddling in the Middle East, support for terrorism and horrifying human rights record would be an open book. Perhaps the advocates of appeasing this regime are shamed by its record, so the only ploy left to get close to Tehran is to highlight your animosity towards its main opposition, MEK. Why? because the MEK is the viable opposition, and is the regime’s red line that no one can cross; other issues are negotiable. I am convinced that this media outlet, along with its contributors, are fulfilling the mullahs’ criteria.

Lila Ahmadi
Arlington, Virginia