10 reasons why IAC-VA has sponsored “OIAC 2020 Virtual Conference”

  1. To be part of a national online act of solidarity with Iranian people and the Iranian-Americans across 40 different states.
  2. To learn and help expose the lies and deception by the regime of mullahs on COVID19 pandemic.
  3. To declare no to cash for mullahs and yes to humanitarian aid to the people of Iran.
  4. To pledge our support for the people of Iran as deserve the right to change the regime.
  5. To end the neglect by those who ignore the global threat by the repressive regime of mullahs.
  6. To raise awareness on what needs to be done about the regime in Iran on global health, peace and security.
  7. To stand with women, labor movement, students, teachers union and retired workers risking their lives for a free Iran.
  8. To call for the release of all political prisoners in Iran.
  9. To raise our sign up for human rights and democracy in Iran.
  10. To become the voice of the voiceless.

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